Light up your path with Solar Lights

Light up your path with Solar Lights

Solar path lighting is an interesting way to efficiently illuminate walkways and garden pathways during evening hours. It is not only decorative, but also provides extra safety to guests, family, and friends. The best part about these lights is that they are easy to set up and last long over the years. They are very easy to install, needing only to be stuck into the ground in an angle that allows them maximum exposure to the sunlight. Solar path lights have small solar cells placed at their top that collect and store energy, and best of all do not cost anything to run, saving a lot of money.

A Few Facts
• Solar path lights allow you to save a lot on your electric bill. However, the main cost incurred is that of purchase and installation. That is all, after that, they use sunlight to recharge and emit light every day.
• Exposure to direct sunlight allows them to charge during the day. During night, they are able to emit light for up to 10 to 12 hours. However, in the winters when the days are shorter, the solar cells do not receive sunlight for as long as they do in the summers. This means that they light up for lesser time during the winters.
• One important thing to note about solar panel lighting is that they are not made to produce bright illumination. Their main purpose is to light the path and that is the purpose that they serve best. If you are looking for a light to highlight large areas, a solar spot light may be a better choice.
• Indirect sunlight will charge the solar cells, but will not impart the same amount of light or last as long as it would normally when cells received direct sunlight.
• Solar lights turn on when the sun sets, they don’t need to be turned on.

Different Uses
Solar path lighting can be used to light a number of ways during the night, all without having to worry about an electricity bill. Some good uses of these lights are:
Front yard: Light your front yard using solar path lighting. It makes it easier for people to see the path leading to the house without having to worry about putting extra light for a special occasion. You can light the front yard every day and no one can accidentally step in your garden and ruin your perfect yard.
Patio: Path lights in the patio add to its beauty, plus they light the path making it easier for everyone to see where it ends.
Deck: Path lights can make your deck absolutely beautiful. They will add a look of glamour as well making the entire deck sparkle, creating a fun and elegant atmosphere.
Pool: Lighting the path around the pool is a very good safety feature. It will let anyone see that there is a pool ahead. Plus, it will look absolutely beautiful, making the water reflect the subtle lights during the night time. It can become an excellent place for your parties at night.

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